• Posted by MIRAE Beauty - May 02nd, 2019

May 2019 – MIRAE Update

Experience Express Skin Hydration

Last year we took part in multiple trade-shows and invited the press to come to visit our offices and try our facial sheet masks. We had great feedback, some of which we shared these with the teams and actively implemented to the brand. We continuously look forward to receiving feedback and would love for you to connect with us and share your thoughts.

What’s new for MIRAE in 2019?

The next few months we have some exciting news, we will have our newest product coming out (more details in the next month) as well as a new brand ambassador for Taiwan and Asia. Are you excited? We are! We’re also expanding into new key markets within South-East Asia and expanding our products in existing markets. If you’re still looking for a favorite facial sheet mask, come chat with us!

What’s more, we’re heading to 2 key trade-shows, with Shanghai coming up this Summer and Hong Kong in the Fall. Contact us to find out more details, visit our stall to try our facial masks and talk to someone in the team.

Facial Sheet Masks

Why do we continue to focus on sheet masks? We strongly believe that facial masks are the future of skincare, not only do they better hydrate the skin, but also provide long lasting hydration when compared to traditional skincare items. But worry not, with the recent make over of our lab, we’ve setup a dedicated task force to research more skincare items and extend the Basic+ Skincare range.

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