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Every year 70 international experts taste and test products from all over the world in a completely independent way. Depending on the results, these products will be granted Quality Awards that certify the quality of the products for consumers.

Achieving the Silver Quality Award

We’re proud to have achieved the Silver quality award for our 8 Minutes express facial mask range, highlighting the effort our R&D team takes in producing a highly effective mask with the utmost quality. Each and every mask is handled with care, and produced with the highest quality ingredients from all over the world.

Special Technologies: Sheet Mask

The MIRAE 8 Minutes express facial mask and all those in this range utilize our unique sheet fiber technology. Using compressed microfiber silk, the mask adheres to the face perfectly, without the concern of dropping or peeling off. This helps the mask maintain contact with the skin and ensuring the skin is able to effectively make use of all the hydrating factors that we use in the serum.

Natural Moisturizing Factors (N.M.F)

The second special attribute of the mask is that we’re using natural moisturizing factors, these are key hydrating elements that naturally occur in the skin, but with age and environmental factors, they are not able to replenish quickly enough. The mask replenishes these lost reserves and ultimately helps deliver deep hydrating benefit to the skin that keeps the signs of aging at bay.

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